NORTH AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PIPE COLLECTORS (NASPC) Guidelines (Adopted 1993; Amended June, 1996) The North American Society of Pipe Collectors has been founded for the sole purpose of promoting pipe smoking and collecting. We will not be affiliated with any related businesses but will cooperate with all to promote the goals of the club.

01. Name: North American Society of Pipe Collectors.

02. Club Management: A five-member board, to include the President and the Secretary/ Treasurer and three other members. Whenever a board member or officer resigns his/her position, the board will choose a replacement for him/her.

03. Dues: Annual dues will be charged each member in good standing to whom a membership card is issued.

04. Schedule one sell/swap show per year that will be open to pipe shops, pipe makers, pipe-related businesses, and the public. As show sponsor, we expect all exhibitors and collectors to be of the highest integrity and to conduct themselves and their business accordingly. We reserve the right to refuse table space or attendance to anyone whose behavior would reflect detrimentally on NASPC.

05. The Society will remain independent of any pipe shop, dealer, or other organization. No memberships will be accepted in the name of a business. Owners and employees of pipe shops, and craftsmen, are invited to join as individual members.

06. The goal of the Society is to promote pipe smoking, share information, and enjoy the company of other pipe smokers.

07. Membership is open to any person.

08. The Society will have a regular newsletter.

09. The North American Society of Pipe Collectors is not in the business of selling pipes or smoking accessories. It is not our intention to compete with pipe shops. Our goal is to share information about pipes and tobacco, and all such information received will be shared with the membership.